More Speaking Engagements: UVA, VCU and AltDev

I've got a bunch more speaking engagements lined up!

First up, the weekend of November 10th I'll be speaking at the Alt Dev Student Summit, with a talk titled OOP Is the Root of All Evil, of course riffing a bit off of the phrase "pre-mature optimization is the root of all evil." The idea behind this talk is that pure OOP, especially OOP that doesn't think about how data is going to be used or the performance tradeoffs incurred, is pre-mature pessimization, and that frequently the argument that OOP makes more understandable, more reusable, or more maintainable code is frequently an illusion. I'll also be looking at how certain OOP patterns actually promote bad coding practices, but are used because they're considered OK from a pattern perspective.

Earlier, on October 30th, I'll be speaking at UVA to the Student Game Developers club, doing a dry run of my talk to the AltDev Student Summit.

Lastly, on November 6th, I'll be speaking at VCU to their chapter of SIGGRAPH. This will be the same talk I gave at JMU earlier this year called Getting Started Making Games. I am still planning on recording a shortened version of this talk for posting online, and I still need to post the slides. This will hopefully happen shortly.

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