GDC 2013 – Programmers Panel

GDC is over, and it was fairly awesome. I'll have a quick "thoughts on GDC" post later, but I wanted to get the information for the GCS panel I participated in up as soon as possible.

GDC did not record this panel this year, but thankfully, we have a fairly good unofficial recording of the panel thanks to Jeremiah Ingham. (sssshhh, don't tell GDC)

You can also just download the file, if you'd like.

The only real resources we recommended this year were at the end, where I asked each of the panelists recommended a book, and here they are:

If you have other questions of the panelists, please feel free to ping us on twitter. We're all pretty approachable (especially if we can respond in 140 characters or less).

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3 Responses to GDC 2013 – Programmers Panel

  1. Neal says:

    I was wondering, doesn’t have much to do with this post :P, but could I ask you a few questions regarding LEGO Universe? Couldn’t figure out how to email, so if you could just send me one to start it, would be greatly appreciated!

    • Jeff says:

      Hi Neal,

      I can only answer questions about the metrics middleware that was used, since that’s all I did for it. Email jeff -at-

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