GCS Professional Programmers Panel is Back

Last year and the year before, we did a panel at GDC's Game Career Seminar for students (and others) to ask questions of professional programmers. We're doing it again this year, and we want your questions!

If you have questions, you please tweet them with the hash tag #gcsppp and we'll select the best to be part of the panel. In addition, I'll be watching that hash tag during the panel and pulling our favorite questions from the audience to ask the panelists.

Our panelists this year are:

  • Mike Acton - Engine Director at Insomniac Games
  • Brett Douville - Formerly Lead Programmer at Bethesda Game Studios, now independent
  • Anna Kipnis - Senior Gameplay Programmer at DoubleFine
  • Sven Bergström - Developer for Celsius game studios and underscorediscovery

If you have questions for them, be sure to get them in early, and we hope to see you at the panel!

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