Games / Projects

Professional Work

I have a number of professional credits.

Game Jam Games

Games that I have made as part of the Global Game Jam or as part of other Game Jams

  • They're Coming (Global Game Jam 2013) - Monsters are coming after you. Run and hide.
  • Eat Sheep (and Die) (Global Game Jam 2012) - Aliens using sheep platforms to get at ice cream.
  • Quest For Stick (Global Game Jam 2010) -  One shaman's quest to get his rain stick
  • The Game Of Nom (Global Game Jam 2009) - Keeping cute characters fed.
  • Sort (OLPC Game Jam 2009) Game involving sorting pieces by mouse gestures.

Open Source

I contribute to several open source projects both as part of my career and as part of my personal work.

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