Jeff Ward – Game Programmer


  • Experience working in lots of game tech (Google Native Client, Steam, GFWL, RakNet, DirectX, OpenGL, OpenGLES 2)
  • Designing / Implementing Build Systems and Continuous Integration (waf, Jenkins, Cruise, ant, MSBuild)
  • Comfortable in lots of languages (C/C++, C#, Java, Lua, Scala, JavaScript)
  • Proven History of Quality Work (Twisted Pixel, Fire Hose, Gazillion, Net Devil, Bethesda)

Project History

Go Home Dinosaurs (Google Native Client)

  • In charge of systems programming on a tight (less than 6 month) schedule with a completely new "from the ground up" engine and pipeline based on Ogre.
  • Combined Ogre, Mono, and other open source components for Native Client (NaCl) and Win32 builds
  • Created a combined C++ / Mono programming environment, which allowed our game logic to be written in C#
  • Designed and implemented a pipeline based build system with continuous integration and one button build and deployment.

Ms. Splosion Man - PC Port (GFWL, Steam)

  • Handled porting XBox system and API calls to the Steam and GFWL platforms.
  • Integrated RakNet over an existing QNet infrastructure.
  • Designed and implemented a pipeline based build that automated shipment of multiple SKUs to the publisher.

Slam Bolt Scrappers (PS3)

  • Performed a variety of systems and game logic feature
  • Implemented many pieces of enemy and boss logic
  • Designed and implemented our build system for continuous integration and one button deployment.

Aleph Metrics Suite (Middleware, Various Platforms)

  • Designed and implemented this metrics gathering middleware for AAA MMOs.
  • Developed a generator and API bindings for multiple languages / platforms (C++, Python, Java)
  • Created a plug-able system for using different SQL servers (MySQL, SQL Server) and "middle tier" buffering (JMS, MSMQ).
  • Designed a unit / integration test suite that checked all possible combinations of lanugages and platforms for potential errors or inconsistencies
  • Performed initial integration for many titles across a number of different technologies (Lego Universe, Jumpgate: Evolution, Kung Fu Panda World, Zoo Kingdom)

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