Ask The Experts: Professional Programmers Panel: Panel at GDC 2012, available for free on the GDC Vault, and a collection of resources mentioned in the talk are available here.

Tips for Game Jams: In preparation for the Global Game Jam site at UVA, I gave this talk to the Charlottesville Game Developers group on things I've learned from my experience Jamming. First given on 1/10/12.

From College To Industry: 20 Lessons Learned for Getting the Most out of Your Early Career: This is a bio talk about lessons I've learned from going to GDC for 20 years, and working in the game industry for 6. It covers lessons from being a student at GDC, working at a AAA game company, a middleware startup and an indie startup. This talk was given to the Game Career Seminar at GDC on March 4th, 2011.

Data Driven is Half The Battle: A talk about how awesome doing data driven programming is, but the problems that can occur for other team members when tools aren't provided for editing data. The talk looks at potential ways to solve this problem while keeping the programmer’s interface simple, and making data driving properties part of everyday coding. First given at Games Forum Germany, January 28th, 2011.

I Can Slack Off, My Code's Compiling!: A talk about the cost of bad builds and potential ways to correct them. This talk was first given at the GameX industry summit in 2009.

Agency Theory (In Depth): Another talk about Agency Theory, this one a little more in depth than the Agency Theory in 20/20 talk. This was originally given to the WPI IMGD students on 12/4/2008.

Tools of the Trade: A talk about tools used in the game industry and how they can be improved. Almost all of the talk is held in the speaking nodes. This talk was given originally to the Game Development students at Becker College on 10/1/2008

Agency Theory 20/20: An intro presentation on Agency Theory (for game design) with the constraint that the talk must consist of 20 slides where each slide could only last 20 seconds. There are plenty of talk notes to let you know what I was saying for each individual slide. This talk was given to the Boston Post Mortem, the Boston IGDA chapter, on January 16th, 2008

Breaking in to the Game Industry: Presentation about how to break into the industry, starting with selecting a school and going all the way to networking and keeping yourself educated once you have a job in the industry. Talk given to the DC Chapter of the IGDA.

Intro to Game Architecture: Presentation concerning the importance of architecting code, using design patterns and utilizing best practices in game development. Includes examples of design patterns and common problems associated with ignoring their importance. First given to the University of Maryland, 11/27/2006.

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